Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is RackNerd's fee for transferring between accounts?
A: The fee is now $8

Q: How do I get the double bandwidth?
A: You must first go to the LET page here and leave your order number.

Q: Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for RackNerd?
A: You can find them here. Note that they recently changed the Terms with regards to Shared Hosting and File Storage, so be sure to check that.

Q: Is this site run by RackNerd?
Q: No. This is run by me, dahartigan. I may get a commission when you make a purchase through this site.

Q: Which locations do RackNerd have?
A: They have the following locations:

  • Dallas, TX (Test IP:
  • Chicago, IL (Test IP:
  • Atlanta (Test IP:
  • San Jose, CA (Test IP:
  • New York (Test IP:
  • Ashburn (Test IP:
  • Amsterdam (Test IP:
  • Los Angeles DC02 (Test IP:
  • Q: Which products would you recommend?
    A: The products I recommend can be found here.